SalesWatch Distribution

CONTEXT SalesWatch Distribution

CONTEXT SalesWatch Distribution is the industry standard for monitoring IT sales through distribution in Europe based on the largest distributor sales tracking database in the world. Its panel represents over 90% of all distributor business in the regions it covers and provides CONTEXT with daily invoice sales data down to the level of individual SKUs.​



CONTEXT MarketWatch

CONTEXT MarketWatch is based on all of CONTEXT's B2B and Retail panels, and then goes further by adding vendor direct sales, to give comprehensive tracking of sales to all final customers.



CONTEXT PriceWatch

CONTEXT PriceWatch gives vital insight into the pricing and promotional activities of your competitors at every touch point in the IT channel by allowing you to track like-for-like products through the value chain. You can also monitor competitive price changes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, for instance response to competitor pricing and make sure that your price points are optimised to maximise revenues and profitability.



CONTEXT ChannelWatch

CONTEXT ChannelWatch is an online reseller survey conducted across the globe, providing detailed insight into reseller behaviour, opinions and attitudes. Over 6,000 resellers contributed to the survey in 2015, providing distributors with valuable information about resellers' purchasing decisions and intentions, and the issues and trends they face today.




CONTEXT PriceIT uses the most comprehensive data for IT industry component pricing available. Corporate buyers, corporate resellers, internal audit teams and government statistics departments receive tailored reporting detailing visibility of component costs and price changes to the most granular level. Vital insights into the true costs of buying or selling products.


Data Intelligence Service

CONTEXT Data Intelligence Service

The CONTEXT Data Intelligence Service brings together sell in and sell out in a single vehicle for the first time, and provides a clear insight into market dynamics as well as early indicators into such key issues as inventory management.


3D Printing Analysis

CONTEXT 3D Printing Analysis Service: global shipment tracking for critical decision

3D Printing is a fast-growing and exciting development in the IT and Manufacturing sectors alike, offering innovative solutions to traditional manufacturing processes as well as new opportunities. Whether exploring the 30-year-old Additive Manufacturing industrial/professional side of this business or the nascent Personal/Desktop market.


Channel Management

CONTEXT Channel Management

CONTEXT's Channel Management Service is essentially an outsourced data processing and data management function for vendors. CONTEXT provides a completely private vault for your data that enables you track all the sales data coming from your tier 1 and tier 2 partners, and we triangulate names, inventory and sell-in to give you a totally accurate picture of your channel.