Does your business create value? Is the value being lost?


How do CEOs measure the value their business creates at each stage of the supply chain? How do they identify opportunities for enhancing areas where they create value and take action against sections where value is wasted? In the IT market, they use CONTEXT Value Chain Analytics.


What is CONTEXT Value Chain Analytics?


CONTEXT clients use CONTEXT data and analysis at each key stage of the IT channel supply chain to combat wastage and maximise value to their businesses. CONTEXT Value Chain Analytics links key CONTEXT databases so clients can follow the supply and demand for their goods and those of their competitors through the entire IT channel.


CONTEXT Value Chain Analytics empowers your organisation to identify appropriate metrics to assess, measure and track Value Creators and Value Wasters at each level of the value chain. Key pricing factors, such as margins and discounts, can be compared and critical sources of value chain wastage can be identified, such as imbalances in product portfolios and lack of clarity in understanding reseller segmentation. So if you find yourself asking "How much of my market is made up of resellers that are not my customers?" or "Are my key prices sometimes unnecessarily low?" or "Do I have the correct product portfolio for each country market?" then, like many other organisations, CONTEXT Value Chain Analytics is the answer.


How does CONTEXT track the total IT market across the value chain?


Monitoring the supply of goods sold into the Channel by Vendors

The CONTEXT Vendor Shipment report tracks what is being supplied to the channel, reporting quarterly.


Tracking trade sales through Wholesale Distribution

With the largest panel of its kind, the CONTEXT SalesWatch Distribution database is recognised as the industry standard. Monitoring flows through wholesale distribution, it tracks what is being supplied to the channel and reports weekly on goods provided to resellers, retailers and other trade buyers.


Measuring consumption of all sales out to the final customer

The CONTEXT MarketWatch database leverages the CONTEXT retail and B2B panels, which, combined with data detailing direct sales by vendors, gives the full view of sales to the final customer including both business and consumer markets.


Understanding reseller segmentation

The CONTEXT Reseller Metrics report identifies meaningful groups of resellers; measuring and tracking their buying behaviour in relation to our clients' market sectors. It answers questions such as: "What is my share of wallet by reseller segment?"; "Am I typically the 1st, 2nd or 3rd preferred brand?"; "How loyal are my resellers?"; "Are they becoming more - or less - loyal to me?"


Recording prices, margins and discounts at each stage of the process

The CONTEXT PriceWatch report covers list, trade and street prices, tracking offer pricing at each stage of the channel value chain. Crucially, the report also allows for accurate analysis of margins, discounts and brand price differentials.


For further information on CONTEXT intelligence services and coverage, please contact us.



With over 5,000 resellers contributing every year, CONTEXT ChannelWatch is the largest online reseller survey conducted across the globe. The survey poses a number of forward-looking questions and provides valuable information about resellers' purchasing intentions and decisions, as well as the business issues and industry trends they face.

The ChannelWatch 2018 Survey report is now available for purchase online.


What countries does CONTEXT ChannelWatch cover?

CONTEXT ChannelWatch covers all major European markets, and is continuously extending its reach:

Europe: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Austria

Central and Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Russia

Middle East: Turkey

Oceania: Australia and New Zealand

South Asia: India

South America: Brazil



How does CONTEXT ChannelWatch work?

Working closely with our Distribution panel and select industry news outlets, we achieve the best possible response rate in each market and region by inviting our partners to send out the CONTEXT Channel Watch survey to their entire reseller database.

The online survey is then completed by the reseller, and responses are aggregated to guarantee confidentiality. Custom reports are then sent to each of the participating distributors, and a summary of results is sent to resellers.


How do I participate in the next CONTEXT ChannelWatch?

If you are a reseller, please either contact your distributor or a member of the CONTEXT ChannelWatch team

If you are a distributor or a vendor, please contact a member of the CONTEXT ChannelWatch team




Monthly reports to keep you up-to-speed with a consolidated view of the latest market dynamics

The CONTEXT Data Intelligence Service brings together sell in and sell out in a single vehicle for the first time, and provides a clear insight into market dynamics as well as early indicators into such key issues as inventory management. Each month we draw on a vast store of the latest data available including sell-in from all major vendors, sell through from our distribution panel plus valuable insights from our team of local country channel managers to give the latest insight and intelligence into the IT market in Europe


  • Data Intelligence Service at a glance
  • Monthly reports based on vendor shipments (sell-in) and distribution sell-out data
  • Shipments from all major vendors
  • Sell through for over 150 distributors
  • Identifies key trends and competitive performance indicators
  • Combines the insights of the CONTEXT analyst team with market knowledge and input from our local channel teams
  • Provides regular, actionable intelligence based on CONTEXT data in a ready-to-use presentation format



Latest trends in Distribution
Vendor Shipment Sell-in Performance (Quarterly)
Executive Summary of key findings



PCs and Tablets
Enterprise (in development)


CONTEXT MarketWatch delivers complete visibility of all IT sales to businesses and consumers

CONTEXT MarketWatch is based on all of CONTEXT's B2B and Retail panels, and then goes further by adding vendor direct sales, to give comprehensive tracking of sales to all final customers.


CONTEXT MarketWatch gives total market sales of IT products across the Channel Value Chain

CONTEXT MarketWatch includes a breakdown of five distinct channels:  Corporate Reseller, SMB Reseller, Multiple Retailer, Telco and Direct. Detailed reports provide clients with what they need to plan a product mix, set pricing and measure competitive positioning in each channel.


What is different about CONTEXT MarketWatch?

CONTEXT MarketWatch tracks the whole IT market in one coherent dataset. All end-user sales, those made through the channel and directly, are included.


Who uses CONTEXT MarketWatch?

CONTEXT MarketWatch is used by vendor marketing departments, product-planning, sales and business intelligence teams who need to simplify the job of tracking the total end-user market. CONTEXT MarketWatch allows clients to avoid inconsistencies inherent in patching together data from different sources.




CONTEXT PriceIT - The definitive guide to IT industry component cost and market pricing

CONTEXT PriceIT uses the most comprehensive data for IT industry component pricing available.  Corporate buyers, corporate resellers, internal audit teams and government statistics departments receive tailored reporting detailing visibility of component costs and price changes to the most granular level. Vital insights into the true costs of buying or selling products.


The blueprint for supplier contract negotiations

With CONTEXT PriceIT corporate procurement departments and their suppliers can track the evolution of component costs with the Key Component Benchmark tool.  This feature provides a complete understanding of competitive price positioning and price changes, protecting both buyer and seller particularly in contract pricing negotiations.  Upgrade costs for technology shifts to simplify contract reviews can also be monitored.


A mission-critical tool for corporate resellers

For corporate resellers, CONTEXT PriceIT provides customer specific configurations in order to create a Tailored Benchmark Report - a unique insight into market pricing and an invaluable differentiator in new customer acquisition.  In addition, CONTEXT PriceIT makes monitoring cost evolution versus contract price simple, ensuring fair pricing and an open, trust-based relationship with customers


Underpinning public and private sector IT audits

The Audit Solutions feature in CONTEXT PriceIT lets public and private sector organisations audit their purchasing activities to a microscopic level, assessing true costs, comparative market performance and achieved savings. CONTEXT PriceIT consolidates multiple data sources including numerous supplier information systems and MI returns to provide a single view of the truth.


PriceIT is trusted by the German Statistics Departments

National governments use CONTEXT PriceIT to track top selling products and pricing across all ICT categories and establish product ranking based on actual market volumes in order to support The National Price Index.


CONTEXT PriceIT gives Government Statistics departments key information to:


  • Monitor technology shifts by category and corresponding pricing change within the channel
  • Measure index changes in pricing from one period to the next
  • Identify the key market players within each ICT sector
  • Assess pricing levels of most significant products on the market










Customer Feedback - CONTEXT PriceIT

" CONTEXT is a highly professional company where their CONTEXT Price IT Benchmark information service is concerned. They have a supportive and responsive culture and they are highly customer centric. They have been one of the key players in their industry for many years, and they have an enormous amount of experience and data. Fujitsu place a great deal of trust in the information that CONTEXT provides – both to us and our customers. We like to do business with partners we can rely on, so I recommend CONTEXT highly. "

Bas de Reus, Sales Director, Fujitsu


" I'm very satisfied with the results and the way the results are presented. But what also was very valuable to me is the flexibility and speed of CONTEXT. Last October/November we needed results of the first benchmark very quickly at a point where some formalities were not yet closed. CONTEXT delivered right on time. "

Erwin van Gorkum, ICT Supply and Contract Manager, Governmental Contract Management - Ministry of the Interior (Netherlands)


Product summary

CONTEXT PriceIT Service Deliverable
Supplier Contract Management: Corporate customers and their IT resellers Providing Key Market Indicators That Can Influence Contract Pricing
Customer Management for Corporate Resellers Providing key cost indicators for current contract price negotiations and new business development
Contract Audit Solutions Auditing public and private sectors IT contracts to achieve saving targets against market pricing trends
Auditing public and private sectors IT contracts to achieve saving targets against market pricing trends Providing ICT product pricing to support The National Price Index Calculation


Countries available

UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Russia, Poland, USA


Technology sectors covered

Computer Systems: Desktops, Notebooks, Netbooks, x86 Servers, Tablet PCs, Workstations

Imaging Systems: Inkjet Printers & All In One, Laser Printers & Multi Function, Dot Matrix Printers, Inkjet Consumables, Laser Consumables, LCD Monitors, Projectors

Storage Systems: Network Attached Storage, SAN Disk Systems, SAN Switches and Directors, Tape Libraries, Tape Autoloaders, Tape Drives, Tape Media

Components: Internal Hard Disk Drives: Internal Solid State Drives, Processors, Motherboards, Random Access Memory, Storage Controllers, Host Bus Adapters, Graphic cards


Who uses CONTEXT PriceIT?

Corporate resellers: Computacenter, SCC

Corporate customers: Allianz, Barclays, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Credit Suisse, Nestlé, Novartis, Swiss Post

Government Statistics Offices: German Statistics Office (Destatis), Ministry of Dutch Interior/Government Procurement Service, Swiss Statistics Office (BFS)


CONTEXT PriceWatch, the most extensive guide to competitive price intelligence available in the IT industry


A definitive view of market pricing through the value chain

CONTEXT PriceWatch allows you to see the latest pricing all the way from vendor list price through to end-user street pricing, including distributor and reseller buy price, and actual reseller pricing to customer.


Track and respond to promotions in the channel

With CONTEXT PriceWatch Promotions, you can track all official vendor promotions in the channel from vendor to distributor, distributor to reseller and ultimately reseller to end-user, as well as monitor your competitors' promotional activities right through the value chain.


The Largest channel sales tracking database in the world

Pricing data in CONTEXT PriceWatch is based on a combination of extensive online research and direct access to the most comprehensive channel sales tracking database in the world. The database collects weekly unit sales and pricing from 150+ distributors across EMEA that provides products to over 600,000 resellers and retailers, representing over 90% of all distribution channel sales in Europe.


What makes CONTEXT PriceWatch invaluable?

  • CONTEXT PriceWatch is based on actual pricing data at local country and channel levels
  • CONTEXT PriceWatch provides global and regional pricing teams with hard data and a demonstrable audit trail
  • CONTEXT PriceWatch publishes the most up-to-date data right up to daily where available
  • CONTEXT PriceWatch enables vendors to establish ‘average price clusters' and view exceptions
  • Vendors can select their ‘competitive product basket' to any level of granularity
  • Vendors can establish true discount levels including upfront rebates











Customer Feedback - CONTEXT  PriceWatch

" CONTEXT'S PriceWatch services and analytics are one of our important data sources when it comes to competitive tracking and price comparisons of complex storage solutions. We admire the technical knowledge and dedication provided by CONTEXT ensuring a great collaboration and valuable outcome. "


" CONTEXT has been a key information provider for OKI Europe for several years. Their PriceWatch services enable us to track pricing across the imaging market including printers, consumables and promotions, and inform our decisions across all our core markets in Europe. "

OKI Europe


CONTEXT PriceWatch enables vendors to:

•    Track the latest product pricing through the channel
•    Monitor competitor discounts and promotions
•    Position their products correctly in the market
•    Maximise revenues, market share and profit


Countries available

UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland, USA
Imaging & Displays:
UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland


Technology sectors covered

Client Computing: desktops, DT workstations, notebooks, NB workstations
Imaging: printers, consumables, warranties
Enterprise: networking, storage, servers, software, warranties and components
Displays: desktop displays, LCD displays, projectors

Who uses CONTEXT PriceWatch

CONTEXT PriceWatch is used extensively by IT vendors across a number of functions including: product management, pricing management, channel marketing, market intelligence.


CONTEXT SalesWatch Distribution, the definitive view of IT sales through Distribution in Europe

CONTEXT SalesWatch Distribution is the industry standard for monitoring IT sales through distribution in Europe based on the largest distributor sales tracking database in the world. Its panel represents over 90% of all distributor business in the regions it covers and provides CONTEXT with daily invoice sales data down to the level of individual SKUs.

A 360 ° view of the IT distribution market

CONTEXT SalesWatch Distribution enables you to track unit sales, revenues and ASPs (Average Selling Price) by vendor, country, product category, channel type and SKU. Analysemarket share, year-on-year growth and pricing sweet spots to the finest level of granularity to define top selling products and conduct price band analysis.


A customisable dashboard to model any permutation

CONTEXT Analyzer is an analyst's dream – best of breed online GUI that allows you to cut the data quickly and easily in any way you want and to present the results in acompelling way. Model different permutations in real-time, start at the macro level and zoom in to the level of detail you want. Slice and dice the information to generate exactlythe report you need.


The most comprehensive database, worldwide

Some of CONTEXT SalesWatch Distribution data is provided to CONTEXT through its partnership in Europe with the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC). The rest comesfrom our unrivalled panel, made up of distributors and resellers across EMEA.


CONTEXT SalesWatch Distribution at a glance

  • A weekly snapshot of IT distribution sales
    Get a true understanding of what is happening in the market across Europe

  • Define the total addressable market
    Understand the big picture by comparing your products with competition in the channel

  • Monitor technology adoption and pricing trends
    Track current purchasing and pricing as well as gaining insights into future trends

  • Track top selling products and hot specs
    Get a handle on what's hot and what's not right down to individual SKUs

  • Track ASPs by vendor and product category
    Monitor Average Selling Prices in the channel to ensure that you are maximising product margins.

Product Summary

  • The definitive source of real-time IT channel sales data in Europe
  • Distribution sell through data from high-level to individual SKUs by units, revenue and market
  • Sweet spots to optimise pricing positioning and maximise margins
  • Top sellers to refine product offerings to meet market demand
  • Price benchmarking and promotion tracking
  • Monitor technology trends to inform product development


Who uses CONTEXT SalesWatch Distribution

CONTEXT SalesWatch Distribution is widely adopted by IT vendors across the board with a particular focus on computing,imaging, displays and enterprise, used in a large variety of activites from sales to channel management and businessintelligence.


Customer Feedback

" CONTEXT SalesWatch Data provides us with unique insights into the market, and enables us to track the latest distributions trends. "



" We use CONTEXT SalesWatch to analyse the market quickly and effectively by volume & value across our product set. The reports are critical as we look tor further understand the B2B Market in both UK & Europe. "



" CONTEXT SalesWatch Distribution is our primary source of reliable and accurate channel sales and pricing information at D-LINK in Europe. We use it daily to identify our performance across our products segments and the tool they provide is the best for this type of information. "



Best of breed technology, processes and expertise to drive your channel marketing programmes

CONTEXT's Channel Management Service is essentially an outsourced data processing and data management function for vendors. CONTEXT provides a completely private vault for your data that enables you to track all the sales data coming from your tier 1 and tier 2 partners. Further to that, we triangulate names, inventory and sell-in data to give you a totally accurate picture of your channel.


Absolute accuracy without the internal headaches

CONTEXT's entire business is based on data capture, segmentation and analysis, so we are able to provide extremely high levels of accuracy in area that vendors typically find hard to manage. We have already created master reference tables for both products and resellers, which takes most of the hard work out of managing channel data. Our ‘build once, use many' approach also enables us to benefit from cumulative accuracy based on literally millions of queries.


Your channel information is totally confidential

Our core reference tables enable us to categorise products by description, part number and serial number to create a single view of each item, and the same applies to reseller and retail stores, where we have single reference and location table that is based on years of data cleansing and deduplication. However, you must own the resellers to see them, so no other vendors can see your resellers unless they are also selling their products, and even then they can only see the data that relates to their sales.


Leveraging CONTEXT's market intelligence capability

CONTEXT's market intelligence service means that we already have developed an industrial strength data processing capability, and can handle daily feeds by units and revenue. We also have deep relationships with the channel based on years of working together and on the ground representation in all core markets in Europe. We can also help you benchmark your performance versus the total market.


Customer Feedback on CONTEXT Channel Management

" CONTEXT's Channel Management Services provide a vital service monitoring the business performance of our partners and helping us to set appropriate growth targets. "



Why use CONTEXT Channel Management?

  • Data quality: CONTEXT data quality is based on 30 years of providing channel-based market intelligence to the technology sector in Europe

  • Centralised Security: CONTEXT is trusted by over 40 leading technology vendors

  • Investment in database technology: Massive parallel processing capabilities enables us to deliver daily feeds to our channel management customers

  • Channel Balancing: Get a single view of the truth bases on the market insight CONTEXT can provide from our Channel tracking services: market growth, total number of resellers, profile and make up of resellers

  • Experience: CONTEXT has a team of over 120 people 100% focused on channel data processing, management and analysis. It has been our core business for 30 years



CONTEXT Channel Management will:

  • Process your data for you

  • Train your channel partners in data feeding

  • Ensure that all data is accurate and correct

  • Feed the data directly into you channel rebate system

  • Provide a channel monitoring system

  • Give you an inventory management process


Who should use CONTEXT Channel Management?

IT vendors looking to optimise their channel management programmes by outsourcing the data capture, management and analysis of their two tier distribution sales data.


Countries Included

CONTEXT Channel Management is available on a global basis.



CONTEXT Channel Management Services are bound by CONTEXT's standard Terms and Conditions to protect the confidentiality of both distributor and reseller. All data is reported on an aggregated basis, so it is not possible to identify the individual performance of distributors or resellers.


CONTEXT 3D Printing Analysis Service: global shipment tracking for critical decisions


3D Printing is a fast-growing and exciting development in the IT and Manufacturing sectors alike, offering innovative solutions to traditional manufacturing processes as well as new opportunities.  Whether exploring the 30-year-old Additive Manufacturing industrial/professional side of this business or the nascent Personal/Desktop market, the need to examine this ever-changing and dynamic market from all angles is of increasing importance.


Additionally, as consumers become more demanding, and as smaller businesses and educational institutions adopt the use of 3D Printing, it is even more important for vendors, retailers and etailers to have detailed global information to support their strategic goals.  


With 3D printer prices ranging from under $500 to over $2M, it is crucial for organisations to identify what is being shipped, where and why.  Businesses from many areas, including traditional PC retailers, IT organisations and start-ups, are all becoming involved and it is therefore vital to be able to see the entire market.  CONTEXT tracks all printer shipments providing hard data to our clients about exactly what is being distributed and why.  These figures are also a leading indicator for the sales of consumables, such as printer ink and toner, which have long been key components of the desktop imaging market.


What is CONTEXT 3D Printing Analysis Service?

CONTEXT Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing (AM3DP) reports are delivered quarterly, providing global tracking and forecasting of all Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing machines shipped worldwide.  Available from Q4 2015, the report will cover the global market, including both the Personal/Desktop sector and the Industrial/Professional sector, and is based on supply-chain supported quarterly ship-out data from vendor company headquarters by geographic region, vendor and core AM3DP technology.


CONTEXT provides detailed analysis of shipping trends and outlook forecasts for all major geographical regions, as well as for all major technologies and materials. 


Executive level

Understand overall positioning, growth and opportunity.


Should my company look into offering a 3D Printer?  What type?  In what region?  At what price point?  Who are the top players?  Should my company look to become a "3D Print shop" or consider using 3D Printers in our own supply chain?


Product Management teams

Identify technology trends and future hot specifications.


Who are the market leaders by region?  What technologies are they focused on?



Achieve the right product mix by segment and channel in relation to competition and demand.


Sales teams


Better coordinate sales performance with partners and channel customers.



Set realistic sales targets.



What is included in CONTEXT AM3DP reports?

CONTEXT AM3DP reporting offers complete visibility of the 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing market through the quarterly tracking and forecasting reports.


Quarterly Tracking

CONTEXT AM3DP Quarterly Tracking reports include:

-          Industrial/Professional and Desktop/Personal segments

-          Total market coverage and TAM (Total Available Market) each period 

-          Historical data by quarter for the preceding three years

-          Tracking by:

                o   ASP

                o   Region shipped

                o   Organisation/Company

                o   Brand

                o   Company HQ country

                o   Technology type

                o   Main material


Quarterly Forecasting

CONTEXT AM3DP Quarterly Forecasting Reports include:

-          Five year out forecasting by:

                 o   Industrial/Professional and Desktop/Personal segments

                 o   Quarter

                 o   Region

                 o   Process

                 o   Material


Global Coverage:

Japan, North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, China, Asia and Pacific, Middle East and Africa.


Technologies covered:

Vat Photopolymerization, Material Jetting, Material Extrusion, Powder Bed Fusion, Binder Jetting, Sheet Lamination, Directed Energy Deposition - FDM, SLA, SLS, DMLS, etc.


Materials used:

Metal, Photopolymers, Nylon, Sand, Wax, etc.