3D printing is a fast-growing technology impacting the IT and manufacturing sectors alike, offering innovative alternatives to traditional manufacturing processes as well as new opportunities.

Whether exploring the 30-year-old  industrial/professional additive manufacturing side of the business, or the nascent personal/desktop market, the need to analyse opportunities presented by the dynamic and fast-growing 3D-printing industry is ever more pressing.


  • Industrial/Professional
  • Desktop/Personal
  • Materials/Consumables



CONTEXT AM3DP Printer Shipment and Forecast Report

Additive manufacturing & 3D printing tracking and forecasts

Identify what is being shipped, where and why. CONTEXT's global AM3DP reports offer complete visibility of the 3D printing and additive manufacturing market, tracking and forecasting all machines shipped worldwide. Based on actual quarterly ship-out data from vendor company headquarters, quarterly reports are broken down by geographic region, vendor and core technology.

  • Quarterly tracking
  • Five-year-out forecasting
  • Global coverage
  • Comprehensive view of all core print technologies/materials

Segmented CONTEXT AM3DP reports are also available

  • AM3DP Report – Industrial/Professional
  • AM3DP Report – Personal/Desktop


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CONTEXT AM3DP Materials Utilisation Report

Evaluate materials utilisation by end market and principal use

CONTEXT's granular printer-shipments data underpins an industry-first model of additive-manufacturing material utilisation. The model balances the effects of a multitude of contributory factors – build volume, build speed, principal use, end-market, material density, material feedstock and the like – to produce an ongoing, industry-validated characterisation of historical and forecasted industrial materials utilisation segmented by key attributes that is the most accurate possible.

  • Quarterly utilisation assessment
  • Five-year historical assessment
  • Five-year-out forecasts
  • Global coverage
  • Quantity (kg), revenue and ASP
  • Segmented by:
    • Print technology
    • Material category
    • Material feedstock
    • Sub-material
    • End market
    • Principal-Use


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CONTEXT AM3DP End-Market Report

Assess shipments by end market and principal use

Delivered yearly, the AM3DP End-Market Report draws on CONTEXT's core AM3DP printer research to analyse the prior year's industrial/professional printer shipments by end market and principal use.

  • Quarterly report
  • Global coverage by region
  • Industrial/professional printer shipments
  • Segmented by:
    • End market
    • Principal use

Also included: a database of publicly disclosed 'wins' and installations, searchable by process, customer name, customer type, usage, and region.


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CONTEXT AM3DP Reseller Directory

The CONTEXT AM3DP reseller directory offers a global list of industrial/professional and personal/desktop resellers, VARs, retailers, distributors and other agents involved in go-to-market indirect sales activities for 3D printer hardware manufacturers.

Quantified by

  • Region
  • Reseller’s principal line of business
  • Products carried
  • Known certification


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