A New Era for Personal Computing with AI

A New Era for Personal Computing with AI

A New Era for Personal Computing with AI

AI and the concept of “AI PCs” are dominating some of the discussions in the technology world, with excitement building amongst enthusiasts and industry professionals. With semiconductor vendors unveiling new chips and software tailored for generative AI and other AI applications on PCs, the landscape of personal computing is undergoing a significant transformation already.

The term “AI PC” in itself is still in its early days, with ongoing debates about its definition and the benchmarks to measure performance. While PCs equipped with powerful CPUs and GPUs have been capable of running AI applications for some time now, recent developments have highlighted the importance of bringing certain AI workloads and applications directly to the device. 

This has led to the emergence of AI PCs, currently widely defined as devices with system–on–chips (SOCs) integrating AI accelerators, such as NPUs, making them capable of handling AI tasks efficiently.

Despite the evolving definitions, there’s a real sense of excitement and anticipation surrounding AI PCs. Many are hoping that these devices will revitalise the PC market, which has seen a decline since the peak driven by the Covid pandemic. The promise of AI–capable chipsets is big, offering users the potential for improved battery life in mobile devices and unlocking significant productivity gains, fostering creativity, enhancing communication, and enabling more personalised content experiences.

Recent data from CONTEXT shows a growing adoption of AI PCs in the European distribution market. In March 2024, 13% of notebooks sold featured AI–capable chipsets, marking a steady increase from 11% in February and 9% the year before. While Apple’s M and AMD chips have been dominating this segment, Intel’s Core Ultra processors are also gaining momentum. New chip launches by these vendors, both recent and yet to come, and products based on Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon X Elite, will further enhance the options available to customers.

Looking ahead, as definitions evolve and performance metrics are refined, one thing is becoming clear: PCs will play a key role in developing the opportunities presented by AI. 

At CONTEXT we are continuing to monitor and report on these developments to provide insights into both the PC segment and the chip vendor landscape. 

CONTEXT subscribers will soon be able to read full details on the processor vendor landscape and on AI PC sales in their SalesWatch Distribution and Total Market reports.

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