High-end graphics cards and gaming monitors perform well in Q3

High-end graphics cards and gaming monitors perform well in Q3

High-end graphics cards and gaming monitors perform well in Q3

Like many segments, gaming had a strong pandemic as locked-down consumers splurged on notebooks, monitors, graphics cards and more. But during 2023 to date, most categories have been hovering below the Index Revenue Trend baseline. That means revenue sales have yet to reach the monthly revenue average for 2021.
However, the good news is that there are signs of improvement in revenue sales performance across Europe's biggest markets, especially in gaming monitors.

No mid-market for graphics cards

Year-on-year revenue sales of mice were perhaps most impressive in July 2023, approaching the index baseline. Elsewhere, monitors, notebooks, keyboards and keypads, and graphics cards all showed an upward trend in sales performance. When it comes to graphics cards it is the high-end gaming UHD-capable kit that is doing best, although still at an index figure of -60. 

The challenge is that prices are generally high, which can be a tough sell to cash-conscious consumers. In fact, there doesn't really exist a mid-market in gaming cards at present, with current generation products being priced much closer to the high-end than previous generations. However, we expect improved performance in Q4 ahead of a predicted new generation of products next year.

Country by country

Looking at the biggest markets in Europe, the picture is not much better for gaming cards at present. Only in the UK and Poland did September revenue sales figures creep above 2022 performance. In Spain in August they were level pegging. No country came close to reaching the 2021 index baseline.

However, it's a much more optimistic picture in gaming monitors, where only the UK struggled in August to beat August 2022 performance. France and Poland even managed to reach the 2021 baseline, with Germany heading in that direction. There's plenty to be optimistic about as we head into the final quarter of the year.

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