Introducing Routes to Market: A new analytics report from CONTEXT

Introducing Routes to Market: A new analytics report from CONTEXT

Introducing Routes to Market: A new analytics report from CONTEXT

At CONTEXT we're always looking for new ways to help our partners and clients. That's why we're delighted to introduce a new analytics offering: Routes to Market. As the name suggests, it will shine a light on the evolving dynamics between distribution and non-distribution sales channels. We hope it will help inform the business decisions of our subscribers.

What does it do?

CONTEXT is renowned for its sales-tracking datasets that, until now have focused on distribution. What fewer people realise is that we've also built up significant expertise on other routes to market, thanks to our reseller panel and work with etailers and retailers across Europe.

This gives us a greater insight into what's happening at the end-user level. And thanks to information collected from the vendors themselves, we can then calculate the figure for direct sales. Combining sell-in, sell-through and sell-out data enables us to generate information by country and category that you can access in our new Routes to Market reports. Understanding of these market dynamics could be invaluable for your businesses.

Drilling down into the data by country and category reveals interesting trends. We can see, for example, that just 25% of notebook sales in France over the last 12 months were sold by distributors, whereas in Italy the figure was a massive 62%; in the UK, 43% of business notebooks passed through the distribution channel while 49% of consumer notebooks went through the etailer/retailer channel (as of July 2023).

Forward with confidence

This new offering will be of interest to those who want to better understand whether IT products reach end users via distributors or resellers or directly from the manufacturer. The more information available, the better-informed partners and clients can be. That's got to be good news all round.

We are hoping to additional features as the months tick on, including the ability to explore the data by vendor and specification.

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