Navigating Sustainability and Forecasts in the AV Industry

Navigating Sustainability and Forecasts in the AV Industry

Navigating Sustainability and Forecasts in the AV Industry

Sustainability is becoming a focal point in today’s industries, driven by heightened regulations and an increasing emphasis on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) efforts. The recent ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) event shed light on significant trends in the AV industry, particularly within the Large Format Display (LFD) sector. 

The industry’s spotlight on sustainability is more critical than ever, with organisations facing heightened ESG reporting requirements. The ISE event highlighted shifts in product design, logistics, energy use, and buying behavior as businesses aim to reduce carbon emissions and create long–term value. 


During a CONTEXT breakfast briefing at the event, where a “How Sustainability will Unfold in the Large Format Display Industry” keynote was delivered, a number of interesting points were discussed, including:

  • The unexpected decline in the LFD market in 2023 raised concerns, with sustainability factors contributing to the shift.

  • Maximising product life cycles emerged as a strategy to keep carbon emissions low, aligning with the new reporting regulations.

  • A rise in Direct View LED Displays.

  • Direct View LED displays gained popularity due to their superior energy efficiency and easier repairability.

  • USB–C integration in LFDs emerging as a more energy–efficient solution, allowing charging, screen sharing, and data transfer through a single cable.

Some organisations, including Epson, Lenovo, and Sony, highlighted their commitment to sustainability through initiatives like the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), emphasising the industry’s growing focus on environmental responsibility.


While the ISE event was centered around AV partners, the discussions around ESG and forecasts impact the entire IT industry, from vendors to customers. Large Format Display manufacturers and sellers were particularly concerned about market forecasts, as the unexpected decline in 2023 led to cautious optimism for 2024.

The ISE event provided valuable insights into the AV industry's current landscape, with sustainability and market forecasts taking center stage. The large number of meetings and discussions on sustainability signals hope for a dynamic industry in 2024. At CONTEXT, we are continuing to expand our efforts and presence at such events as part of our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends.

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