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Simplicity, speed and reliability in the face of crisis

Simplicity, speed and reliability in the face of crisis

Simplicity, speed and reliability in the face of crisis

We have never been faced by a change in business outlook on the scale of today, but we are undaunted, and keen to find new ways of serving the IT industry at this time. 

A crisis calls out new and different initiatives, and we are seeing this in the IT industry - Zoom lifting its 40 minute limit for non business users in China; Lenovo, Intel and BGI collaborating on the analysis of the coronavirus genome; and many IT companies pledging large sums to fight the virus and support people in difficulty.

We at CONTEXT applaud these initiatives and we are keen to contribute in whatever way we can. So we are starting by looking for ways of sharing the latest IT industry insights from our data.

From Wednesday next week, we are introducing a new weekly report called CONTEXT CoronaWatch and making this freely available to the IT industry through our website and through our normal report delivery channels.  

The data can provide key insights into the business impacts of this crisis and is designed to go some way to mitigating the  insecurity experienced by all. This report series will be simple, speedy and reliable.

Simple - the report will show the key market changes taking place in countries and product categories.

Speedy - the report will be issued weekly on the transactions of the previous but one week

Reliable - our data is rooted in actual transactions. The scope of the report covers over a dozen countries in Western and Eastern Europe.

In addition, we will be hosting a 30 minute live meeting at 11am UK time on Wednesday 25th March, and at the same time every week during this period, to share our insights on the current trends. This will be enriched by insight from our analyst experts and also by our country managers who are on the ground in each of the countries covered.

The meeting will be interactive and, after our initial input, we will encourage participants to share their insights. We are aware of a great hunger for both data and also to know what is going on in the industry, and our intention is to facilitate this exchange. Invitations to this meeting will be sent early next week to those who are registered to receive Research Updates from CONTEXT. 

Our overriding concern is the wellbeing of all our colleagues in the IT industry.  May we all rise to whatever particular challenges each of us has to face, and if you think CONTEXT can help in any other way, please do let us know.

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