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The next 35 years


The next 35 years

The next 35 years

Throughout 2018 CONTEXT has been marking its 35th birthday – we have used this anniversary year to look back and celebrate the growth of a company from small beginnings to being a serious force in the IT industry. On the occasion of the latest GTDC EMEA Summit last week –where vendor and distributor leaders meet and debate the most current issues in the industry – Jeremy and Howard Davies, CEO’s and co-founders, took the occasion at a CONTEXT vendor dinner to look forward to the next 35 years.


Jeremy set the scene:

“In an analogue age, the industry’s main challenge was to work out what was happening. But in digital times, access to data isn’t the issue. In fact, we are drowning in data points, and the real question isn’t what, but so what?”

“Having spent the past 35 years building the most comprehensive and reliable market intelligence datasets, CONTEXT is in a unique position to answer this question, and we look forward to the next 35 years, working with you to deliver the analytics needed to extract meaning out of your data and run your businesses.”

Howard continued:

“We are building the future around three pillars – Market Intelligence, Business Analytics and Opportunity Analysis.

Our Market Intelligence now encompasses 4 continents with datasets representing each step in the supply chain, from vendor sell-in to end consumer sell-out. In the future we plan to continue our global growth with a focus on Latam and APAC, as well as expanding the scope of our category coverage.

Analytics is where the future lies. We will continue to develop information which allows ICT companies to run their businesses better. Using new tools, CONTEXT’s clients have already started to achieve significant optimisations in the 4Ps of Product, Price, Promotion and Place.

Mature markets call for more than just optimisation however – signalling the need to identify and accelerate new growth opportunities – which is why CONTEXT is investing in Opportunity Analysis: looking out for those bright spots that promise new growth and helping its partners achieve early mover advantage. Whether it be 3D printing, hyperconvergence infrastructure, IOT or cloud, CONTEXT is fully invested in having the data and information available for the next 35 years.”

Reference to the last 35 years and to the next 35 years would not be complete without mentioning the CONTEXT culture. “From the beginning,” said Howard Davies, “we set up customer assurance processes to ensure that we were responsive to our customers. We decided not to charge for the research involved in answering questions because our customers became in effect part of our research laboratory helping us to improve the quality of our data and our service. We are and will continue in the next 35 years to be the responsive research partner of the IT industry.”

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