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At CONTEXT, we've been closely following the Education Technology sector for the past year, using reliable Sell-Through and Sell-Out data sources. Our team of expert analysts goes beyond the numbers, conducting qualitative research to provide a comprehensive view of the Education Technology ecosystem. With our market research tool, you'll get an incredible level of detail to track trends, gain valuable insights, and access regular reports.

CONTEXT and BETT Asia have collaborated to create the report “Introduction to the State of Education Technology in Southeast Asia”. This comprehensive report provides valuable insights into the education technology landscape in this vast region.

The report is available for download to BETT Asia attendees, Ministries, and IT Vendors who participated in the survey. This condensed version of the full report offers an overview of the characteristics of education technology in Southeast Asia.

This light report covers aspects such as:

  • Introduction to the current state of Education Technology in Southeast Asia.
  • Insight into the top eight product categories for Education Technology used in Southeast Asia.
  • General knowledge about Education Technology strategies from IT Providers in Southeast Asia.
  • Understanding the state of Sustainability in Education Technology in Southeast Asia.
  • Perception of the forecast for Education Technology in Southeast Asia by 2028.